Hollywood actor and model, Djimon Hounsou, has shared his real-time experience from his visit to Borno State, North-East, Nigeria.

The Beninese-American who began his career appearing in music videos has been in Nigeria for sometime now.

Recounting his visit on Facebook, the actor said that it wasn’t only the terrorists who were victimising the people, insisting that the military were as guilty.

He wrote; “While I was in #Maidugri, in North East #Nigeria, I went to a nearby village called Jakana. Here I was reminded that Boko Haram isn’t the only side in this conflict. I met a woman there whose husband was arrested by the military two years ago. She hasn’t heard from him since. And now her and the children do not have enough to eat. Yagana isn’t alone. Thousands of women have lost their husbands to Boko Haram and the military. It saddened me to see so many women that are left to care for their children.

‘Now I’m back from #Maidugri I have made it my goal to bring the story of these people who are caught up in the conflict to the world and shine a light on the issues they are facing. I have listened to so many stories and I have met with people who make tremendous efforts to give support to their neighbours. It is beautiful to see how people have unconditionally opened their doors to the people who have fled their homes. It’s my obligation to help make sure people who are caught up in this crisis get their basic needs fulfilled – such as water, food and sanitation.