Modesty is a word very far from the dictionary of some Nigerians and some ladies live their lives in a way one can rarely imagine.

Fast rising singer, Sista Afia who is still finding her place in the competitive industry like the music world has probably learned that controversies boost the popularity of some celebrities.

The singer who is doing everything in her power to be out there, disclosed in an interview with  HItz that she goes into agreement with her s3x partner before the main action commence.

This,  she is said is due to the fact that she doesn’t want to be involved in a relationship nor have any form of commitment with any man.

While many might see signing a contract before sex as something odd, Sista Afia whose real is name is Franchesca Duncan William, is quite satisfied with her decision.

She said: “I have guys we are not dating but I get intimate with them. The guys fall in love with me after the action but because I have made up my mind that I’m not really going to put myself in that tight position, I remind them that it is a contract. We make a verbal contract before everything happens. I just want the guy to serve my needs but the relationship will be out of the plan. Most guys like real girls and I am 100 percent real.”