So Tiwa Savage steps out to have fun in the Dubai sun and the Nigerian blogosphere can’t get eyes off her bump?! Amazing how much fans and the media want celebrities to be pregnant in Nigeria!

Well, while Celeb Police believes Nigerian celebrities should be allowed to enjoy their marriages, and that free of the pressure of pregnancy and childbirth, one cannot deny their followers the opportunity of sharing in their lives’ moments. After all, isn’t that what celebrity life is all about?

While we are yet to recover from the much ado over Funke Akindele-Bello’s pregnancy rumours and prophecies, we have another mill-turner on our hands regarding Tiwa Savage been pregnant with baby number two. Well!

Interestingly though, the new rumours might actually have something to it. Tiwa’s marriage fiasco last year is well documented. But love and counseling seem to have been doing their work as the estranged pair have been on the mend, sparking reports of a reunion. Their first public appearance together at Stephanie Coker’s wedding in December last year (even though they attended the event separately and left same way), was a another major step in that direction. But as analysed by Celeb Police in an earlier report, the bonding glue for the ailing relationship has been their son Jamil.


In more recent times, we can deduce that Jamil has often been with Tiwa and TeeBillz at the same time. Even though we don’t see his parents in the same pictures, but his shared custody has more or less become a joint custody. The implications are clear enough: a beautiful Tiwa and a dashing TeeBillz, both with an obvious old flame to rekindle. You can do the math and come up with many conclusions, but we can tell you pregnancy is certainly one of them!

Plus, if TeeBillz is really as smart as he is looks, then he would know that part of an African settlement of a marriage dispute is “new belle”!. So, while the rumour may be wild and unfounded for now, it makes sense that Tiwa should be pregnant. For now, time and ‘bumps’ will tell.