Completion that is so prevalent in Nollywood now is gradually forcing some people to repackage themselves, one of those people who are following this trend is Adaora Ukoh, and she has simply stepped up her game with new photo shoot.

The beautiful, plump and sexy actress is shown in her plus size animal skin dresses. We gathered that she took a three split image personalities shoot to represent a new movie under her production outfit, the Big Sistz Production Company. Though, Adaora has not been as visible as she was in the movies unlike those days she was a darling of all movie producer.

Bad belle people are spreading ugly rumour that, this simple disposition actress, Adaora’s sudden disappearance from Nollywood is unconnected to her strange ordeal in the hand of her closest friend, name withheld, over issues that has to do with husband snatching. Whatever they like they can say, Adaorah has stepped up her game big time, and with this new development, nothing is sure going to stop her.