Piracy has, once again, been described as the bane of entertainment industry which has continued to get worse like an infected wound. The Chief Executive Officer of AY Ventures Limited, Mr. Ayodele Kazeem, said this recently, in a chat with Movie People.

Kazeem said he, as a person, did not know the gravity of piracy until recently when his company fell victim of it, after the production of one of their films, Irapada part 1. “Irapada part 1 was pirated. It was like the whole world had watched it. But we didn’t know the number of the push out,” he said.

AY Ventures Limited’s number one man said it was this problem that informed the company’s decision to protect the second part of the film. “We had to go as far as China to replicate the film. It was a form of restriction that could reduce piracy. We believe that if we cannot eradicate piracy totally, we can, at least, reduce it. We are trying to do our best for others to follow.”

He said Irapada, as a film, was too good to be rendered worthless to the producer. “It is a film that touches all tribes in the country. A Hausa man would watch and understand; likewise an Ibo and Yoruba man. It cuts across all barriers, all languages. Everything about the film is good and challenging.”

Some of the films produced by the company include, Oyin To Koro by Ahmed Alasari, Ina Esisi by Funsho Adeolu, Final Year, Ojo Na and Ewa Inu.