In recent reports,It was reported yesterday that tragedy struck at popular church as House On The Rock Abuja caught fire.The over N3Billion church edifice that sits 10,000 people seemed to have caught fire after the service was over and the members of the church had left.

 The Pastor in charge,Rev. Kennedy Asigime expressed sadness over the fact that the Nigerian fire fighters arrived the scene with Electricity Distribution ladders and most unfortunately without water.

He further affirmed that there were no casualties in the incident as worshippers has since gone home before the incident started.
He expressed dissappointment over the fact that Nigeria doesn’t have a fire service that is properly equipped to combat such situations and added that though he had no idea of what caused the fire whether it was electrical or something else but a very substantial part of the building has been totally destroyed.

“We cannot be sure of what is left standing now, we need to do an integrity test to know if the whole building is going to be knocked down.”He said.

Although applauding the timely responsiveness of the Fire Service but frowned at the fact that the substance to deal with.

“They were just here because they want to put it on record that they responded to the call; but they got here and said they did not have water.Until trucks from the private sector started coming, trucks from Julius Berger and NNPC, may God help us in this country,’’ he said.