City FM’s, OAP, Ogbuji Grace Amarachi, who yesterday claimed comedian Ominiaho, vowed to release her lesbian s&x tape has pleaded with the police and the young may to settle the issue amicably.

Ominiaho, had earlier today taken police to City FM’s office at Agidingbi to arrest the young lady but, the officials of the company pleaded with him to settle the matter without escalating it since, Amarachi had confessed that she acted out of fear when her friend, Emmanuels Bibiri, aka Drea, told her that the comedian threatened to leak the video of the sex tape.

Ominiaho told Celeb Police this afternoon that; “she had pleaded. She confessed to the police that she made the statement out of fear. City FM people had to plead on her behalf that since she had confessed that she acted out of fear because of what her friend told her and that I didn’t at any point threaten her, we should settle it amicably. I don’t even want to make case with the girl but it’s just that my image and my career are at stake; that was why I was even bothered. I know she made a mistake and I’ve forgiven her. She could not even come to the station; I have to take police to her office at City FM.”