POLICEMEN are out in every society to keep the peace, and maintain law and order.

But the story was different in Lagos yesterday, as three policemen engaged in a brawl at Ajegunle, along the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, endangering the lives of hundreds of road users with their AK 47 rifles held carelessly as they exchanged blows.

People were seen scampering for safety, and nobody could tell what caused the fight, which got so messy that the policemen wrestled and dragged themselves on the ground.

The fight caused a heavy traffic build up that lasted for hours on both sides of the road.

The three fighters are corporals serving in the elite Mobile Police Force.

Some motorists and hawkers, who could have intervened, were afraid of the guns they were wielding while the fight was going on.

One of them said: “We don’t really know the cause of the fight. We just saw them fighting. Some of us tried to move in to know the cause of the fight but because of the way they they were holding their guns while still fighting, we were afraid of a case of accidental discharge.

“It would have been better if they had handled the matter more maturely than to engage in a street fight.”

So what do you think would have cause the fight?