Lesbianism is becoming something very hard to eradicate as the day goes by as same sex relationship seems to be increasing more than expected.But, Nollywood actress, Adediwura Adesegha popularly known as Adediwura Blarkgold, has a different mindset about it.

The use of sex toy is very common, as it’s used to heighten pleasure doing love making while some opt for it when they do not have a partner around them.

It’s been of help to some ladies who don’t want to find themselves jumping from bed to bed as it helps to reach organism.

According to her, sex toys increases the chances of becoming a lesbian when an individual becomes addicted to it.

In her words: “Actually, I do hear girls discuss about s*x toys, I hear them discussing it that when one is addicted to such, there’s high possibility of becoming a lesbian. Too much of everything is bad, especially things like this.”