According to a report by Yes International Magazine, the marriage of a popular comedian ended just six days after he got married to his pretty wife. Here is the full report by the top Lagos-based magazine. Gospel comedian, Edobor Charles, aka Edo Charles, is currently in court with his wife, Vera Adiche, from Ibusa, Delta State, over some messy marital issues.

YES INTERNATIONAL! exclusively gathered that the couple who tied the knots at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Victoria Island, Lagos, on November 27, 2010, lived together for only 6 days before calling it quits! And as would be expected, allegations and counter-allegations have been emanating from both camps.

While the woman accused the man of neglect and also not supporting her music career, the man is alleging that she is an adulterer. Specifically, he accused her of sleeping with her boss, Anesi Igharue, leader of the popular Sharp Band.

Sources who have been following their unfolding divorce mess even alleged that Vera is currently pregnant for Amesi. Also, that he has rented a flat for her in Jakande Estate, Lekki, Lagos. Anesi and his band perform every Wednesday at Soul Lounge, Lekki and at Crescendo, on Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos every Friday.

One of the biggest bands in the country, they are regularly busy at high profile events. From Agenebode, in Edo State, Anesi has five daughters – two from his first wife and three from his second, Blossom. The second wife is also alleged to have moved out of their Lekki home over this raging adultery allegation. Edo Charles and Vera, 35, met at a church programme in Surulere, Lagos over a decade ago.

They courted for 10 years before walking down the aisle in 2010. Exactly 6 days after their wedding, they had a serious disagreement, the woman moved out of their Surulere, Lagos home and returned 21 days later with two bouncers, her brother, and others to pack all her belongings. Efforts to reconcile them by concerned well-wishers and family members did not yield any fruitful results until sometime in 2011 when she filed for divorce.

The matter is still pending in court. Edo Charles, a popular gospel comedian, is also in his 30s. Slim and fair skinned, the rib cracker is the creator of Enter The Laughter With Edo Charles, a free comedy programme which he takes round the churches to spread the gospel. Contacted on Thursday, July 3, 2014, the Benin City, Edo State-born laughter merchant said he didn’t have anything to say.

“I have no comments”. Later in the day when we also got in touch with Anesi, he denied it, saying: “I’m just hearing this from you. I don’t even understand this at all. I don’t know anything about any lady called Vera.

Yes, I’m the leader of the band, but I’m surprised at this your investigation because I don’t know how much of a public person I am. I don’t even know this Vera you are talking about”, he repeated one more time. On her part, Vera was very furious when we got in touch with her at exactly 12:18 pm. Hear her:

“How can you call to tell me such things? I’ve been working for Sharp Band for 8 years now and it’s now that you are saying such things. You are an investigative journalist, when you get your answers right on the question you asked, then you can call me back.

This does not make any sense to me. I don’t have time for all these games. If someone has sent you on this, go and tell him or her that it won’t work. What kind of rubbish is this?” Lastly, YES INTERNATIONAL! put a call through to Blossom, Anesi’s estranged wife.

And her response was not only shocking but also straight to the point: “Yes, the story is true! They are lying that they don’t know each other or for claiming that they don’t know what you are saying. You can verify from other members of the band as well. Actually, I don’t know how you got this information, but you must have done your investigation very well before coming up with this because it is absolutely true.

This Vera issue has been there for long. It is an open secret. I’m separated from my husband as a result of this. But what do you expect both of them to say? They would lie to you of course. I was married to Anesi in 2004. That was about 10 years ago and got separated from him about 2 years ago.

I had three children for him and he had two other issues before we got married, making five children that are under my care. Anyway, I’m at work now. I will call you back…”