Motherhood is priceless; the feeling is second to none. For those that are privilege to experience this phrase in their lives, I am sure they can relate to this better.

Many fear the process of getting pregnant, due to the package that comes with being a mother, the extra weight, stretch marks, etc.

But then you find out that we still have ladies that are lucky, after given birth, you will hardly known they have a child or children and this boils down to how you take care of yourself.

This happens to be the dilemma, Nollywood actress, Ijeoma  Grace Agwu is facing, if you know the actress properly, you would know she doesn’t look like she has given birth at all.

Ijeoma looks younger than her age and she has taken her time to exercise and maintain a good and youthful body structure that many are dying to have.

According to actress who has a two year old daughter, she claims people find it difficult to believe she is traveling with her daughter, due to her youthful look.

In her word: “I still have problems at the airport convincing them I am traveling with my daughter, they find it difficult to believe, but then I am blessed with her.”