Just like the regular saying, ‘different strokes for different Folks’ are exactly the case of Nollywood actress, Brycee Adia Bassey.

The American born actress who recently came back to the country to start up her acting career has been making waves since her emergence.

While speaking about Nigerian languages in a recent interview, the pretty actress complimented the Igbo accent saying she finds it sexy.

While many Nigerians finds Igbo accent quite disturbing, this actress finds it lovely but finds that of Akwa Ibom disgusting.

She disclosed that even if it’s to save her life, she wouldn’t consider herself learning or faking the language, not even for a movie.

She said: “I particularly love Igbo accent. Igbo men accent, I think is sexy. I don’t know why, don’t laugh but I love them. “Akwa-Ibom accent, I cannot fake that accent to save my life.”