Nigerian popular promoter Apesinola Oyalami aka Baba Apesin has been confirmed dead shortly after he attended the 50th birthday of Pasuma.

The promoter was in attendance at the Fuji’s star singer Alabi Pasuma’s birthday party which was staged in Dallas Texas.

Baba Apesin is based in Arlington in Texas, and as a friend of Pasuma he was among those present to celebrate with his friend.

He died shortly after he tried leaving the scene of the party after stepping into his car.

He got a heart attack during the process of leaving and this immediately claimed his life on Friday 23rd of March 2018.

Apesin’s dead body was found in the car after the fun was over during midnight which is the early hours of Saturday. Assuming he was seen during the heart attack maybe the story would have been a different one by now.dia