Self-styled ‘wahala musician’ Portable has accused Grammy-winning singer Burna Boy of exploiting his intellectual properties.

The street hop singer’s outburst followed after a TikTok video surfaced where Burna was seen and heard using Portable’s known slangs including ‘akoi, biza biza’.

In the video, Burna while holding ‘smoke’ with his right hand, addressing people who weren’t captured but could be heard in the background said: “Akoi grace! Akoi mercy! Akoi blessing! Akoi space! Akoi Biza Biza. Blessing follow you. You’re blessed!”

The embattled Portable asked if ‘Odogwu’ was trying to help or rip him by making use of his photo to promote his album without a collabo to show for it.

Portable stressed he owns the slangs Burna Boy used in the video

The ‘Zazu crooner’reminded “uncle Burna’ as he referred to him that he (Portable) is against ripping and won’t allow that done to him while appealing they come together and make a song.

Speaking in Pidgin English, Portable said: “Zazu, I don come with my wahala. Wahala dey look for trouble. Na jeje I sitdon o! Uncle burna boy, abeg, shey you wan help me abi you wan rip me?

“Abeg, I use God beg you. Shey make we sing ni abi you just dey use me dey do promotion?

“Na so you use my picture promote your album. Now you come dey sing. Akoi grace! Akoi mercy! Blessing dey follow me.

“Na me get am o! Na Zazu get am. Abeg, make we do song na abeg. Street ti take over. Make we link up. No be say kitikiti.

“No ripping o! Akoi grace! Akoi mercy! Blessing dey follow me. Uncle Burna, abeg make we collabo, abeg. Abeg I use God beg you. No ripping! No ripping!!

He captioned the video: “I need to know what’s up…Letz link up Dis is not a Cruise matter @burnaboygram Street Ti Take Over Akoi Industreet letz give them 1 banger…Akoi Grace Akoi space Akoi mercy Akoi blessing Akoi Bizza Bizza. No ripping Zone.”