Amstel Malta’s Next Movie Star reality show queen was lucky to have a chance to break out as an actress – what she has always loved with a degree in Banking and Finance. One thing She is yet to be lucky with is to have the man of her dreams propose to her.

Regarding jobs and getting movie roles, she said: “Basically, my challenge borders on people not appreciating my talent and looking just at the physical things. What I mean by this is that when people approach me, they say, “Okay, you won the NMS in 2006; so, what about that? Go and meet those who made you a winner to give you a job.” But I wish they could realize that we got into the competition to showcase our talents and for people to appreciate us. Unfortunately, most people prefer to use the old actors to the green ones. This is one of the challenges we are facing in the industry. It’s been hard getting jobs… I have not really got my feet down in the industry,”

She started out as a performer with her younger sister and they were known as ‘Da girls’ then she nurtured ambitions of going overseas and being a professional dancer but she went with a friend of hers, Eunich Philips to an audition in Abuja and by chance she got the part for a minor role / ‘waka pass’ in 2003, in the movie titled Fatal seduction, directed by Tchidi Chikere but in 2006, she caught wind of Next Movie Star and gave it a shot, eventually emerging as the winner. Reports of she dumping her boyfriend before she was the reality Tv show emerged as well as she snatching the reality TV show’s husband and getting into a drag with his wife which she denies as well as reports that she is a mom.

Porttia has not been in a relationship for over four years – she was single before the Next Movie Star reality TV show and she is till single. “You have to pray for me for my man to propose to me. Henceforth, your assignment is to pray that that man should propose to Porttia.” She joked recently.