In February 2016, Nollywood actress, Ini Edo joined the list of Nollywood actresses like Kate Henshaw, Nkiru Sylvanus, Mercy Johnson Okogie, and others to hold political positions as Special Advisers in their respective states.

Ini, as she fondly called by close friends and colleagues was appointed the Special Adviser on Tourism and Culture in Akwa Ibom state by the executive governor, Emmanuel Udoh.

However, it is over a year now and nothing seems to be happening in the office of the divorced movie star. There are reasons to worry as the state blessed abundantly with lots of tourism potentials is just lying fallow without any form of awareness to promote its cultural assets.

”If put in proper use, the tourism sector alone can generate a lot of revenue for the government but the person in charge seems to be at a loss of what to do with the abundance of nature’s gift to the state. One cannot point to one project that the actress has embarked upon other than following the governor as a member of his entourage to functions which left many wondering if that is what her job entails. What is visible also is the constant flaunting of her body shape as a slim tea ambassador, an agitated Akwa-Ibomites complained.

He further lamented that, the case is similar to the governor’s performance since he took over the position:
”Not just Ini Edo, the Udom Emmanuel government is almost two years too but nothing seems to be happening in that sector. It is high time the actress Ini Edo changes tactic and do the needful or else posterity will not be kind to her if she leaves government without any tangible achievement.”