Nigerian singer Papa whom name has caused a lot of controversies has shared her thought on why many men ac tually claim to fall in love even when they don’t mean it.The name

Papa is a males name; it is what many children call their father as it is another word for daddy.Anytime the name Papa is called many people are of the expectation that it will be a man that is about to grace the stage but all of a sudden a beautiful young lady pop out.

From her latest revelation the singer has revealed that many men only fall in love because of frustration, poverty and financial insecurity.

She said; “10% out of 100% of Nigerian men truly mean it when they say they are in love. Some fall in love out of frustration, poverty, financial insecurity and other benefits, only few people in this country know what true love means. Some others actually started out looking for true love but got betrayed along the line and eventually end up with the mindset that there is no true love,” she offered, when asked if true love does exist in Nigeria.”

Papa also revealed that if her man cheats on her she will definitely forgive him if he comes begging sincerely and she will try to know if she was the cause of his act so it doesn’t repeat itself.

“Nobody is above mistake, as we are all human beings. If my man cheats on me I will check myself properly to know if I was the reason and try to make amends from my end. Sometimes, this cheating of a thing is not intentional, it may come as a result of temptation and when I see he’s really sorry and repented I will forgive. But when a man is beginning to feel it’s a man’s world and believes he should get away with anything, it makes me mad. For such men, my love will turn to hate and nothing good can come out of such relationship,” she added.