Rosaline, aka Rosy, Meurer is acting a script. This is based on evaluation of certain logistics at our disposal. After looking at all the evidence before us in the marriage scandal of Tonto Dikeh, ranging from social media posts.

Interviews online, on print media, and exhibits presented by all parties involved in the marriage fiasco, our forensics lab have come up with a most likely destination for Rosy in the grandest scheme of things.

In making a conclusion about how things will likely turn out, we considered certain variables in Rosy’s rise to fame. What we found is that though she started out as one with a promising career in the movie industry with her commanding role in the series Oasis, how real claim to fame however has been her alleged ‘homebreaker’ role in Tonto Dikeh’s marriage. She did come out to deny the rumours when they first broke out in the media, insisting people were just trying to break up Tonto Dikeh and Churchill’s marriage. But Tonto laid that to rest by nailing her on camera, saying very loud and clear that she was aware Rosy was sleeping with Churchill. Since then, the battle lines seem to have been clearly drawn. No more charades.


Switch. And Rosy began to show what the real meaning of rapper Olamide’s Pepper Dem Gang Is really all about. Out came the Tonto Dikeh style tattoos flaunting. Then followed the over N50million worth Toyota VX-8 Jeep which she says she bought herself as a birthday gift, to which many have reacted with the popular “story for the gods” response. Soon followed the Women Empowerment outings and posts. And the skin began to glow even brighter. But more provocative perhaps is the show off and talk of a hidden bae, all too reminiscent of Tonto Dikeh’s moves and game during the dating period that predated her marriage to billionaire, Churchill.


Where Is All These Leading? At the risk of being misunderstood, one very strong conclusion we can make from all these is that Rosy Meurer is acting out a script titled Tonto Dikeh. And unfortunately, it might end at a marriage altar with the new Mr X she has created. We can only pray it’s not the same as Tonto Dikeh’s Mr X. But with way things have gone so far, there’s surely no better way to define Pepper Dem Gang.

Characteristically, Churchill, as he did mention in Media Room Hub interview, has remained quietly behind the scenes, with only his affluence or influence showing openly on Rosy’s super fly lifestyle. But you can be sure that we will unravel his role in her game. Wait for it.


Stay tuned