Pregnant Nigerian singer and songwriter, Lami Phillips took to her Instagram this afternoon to celebrate her 19-year-old ‘friendship anniversary’ with her husband.


The lovely couple got married in 2005, eight years after they met. They have now been married for 11 years and expecting their second child in earnest.

lami phi.png

She shared this photo above and wrote, “Met him 19yrs ago.. He never asked me to be his girlfriend.. We were so young.. But We just knew. His first visit to my home.. I had chicken pox.. He wasn’t even moved. We’ve lived so many lifetimes.. And we’ve only just begun.

 We’ve budgeted and lived on £1 and then millions. We laugh ; we fight. We live; we learn. He is my friend .. He understands consistency. I love that he is a dreamer too.. So my seemingly crazy ideas don’t scare him: they motivate him. He loves me; not because he says it.. But he shows it. I am more when I see myself through his eyes. He’s never pressured me to be someone else.. From day1 He nurtured the “God” in me. I’m awesome.. He’s blessed to have me as a wife, friend and partner.. He deserves me.. And I him. He’s the harmony to my melody of life . Happy friendship anniversary.”