So many people have been rumoured to be Bobrisky undisclosed bae whom he mostly talks about but never reveals his identity.

Recently, report has been Making waves that controversial individual, Pretty Mike, who happens to a club owner in lagos state have been the one financing Bobrisky’s flamboyant lifestyle.

In a recent interview, he revealed that his relationship with the beautician has spanned for some years but began when he started patronizingly his club with some friends.

On the alleged affair between them, he said he isn’t gay and has love for the ladies which is why many call him ‘ladies man’.

He said: “Pretty Mike: I met him some years ago, when he used to come to my club with his friends, he patronised me a lot and is my friend.

He is receiving lots of attention on social media and has managed to keep his ‘bae’ secret and by mentioning all that ‘bae’ has done for him. 
Should I then say because of his uniqueness, I should betray him or deny him? I’m sure you have friends who you feel you should stand up for at any point in time.

I’m not gay, If you ask around, you will know I am a ladies’ man, I live my life not minding what people will think about me. I grew up with my sisters, so I’m used to ladies.”