There are rumours circulating in town that GH actor, Prince David is secretly dating Salma Mumin and this picture with the two of them writhing in a bath tub will do a little to dispel that notion. When interviewed, both explained that they are just work colleagues in the make believe industry. But just a day ago, our informant provided NigeriaFilms.Com with (hard copy) photos of the two bathing and ‘making BIZ’ in a Jacuzzi.

But as usual, the film makers will soon come out to euphemize; “It’s not real, it’s a scene in my movie” and so what? Are our actors and actress supposed to go ‘GAAGA’ in every movie?

It’s alleged that Salma had to date Samuel Ruffy Quansah also known as ‘Honey Coochie Coochie’ of Young Father Production fame before getting some roles in the movie industry and hasn’t looked back since. However, the two are no more and it seems the budding actress is now charting a path of her own as she grows from strength to strength.

But insiders in the industry say she’s grown wings and become too big in her shoes ever since she began to appear in a few ‘big’ movies. “Even the stars respect us. I blame the producers and directors who have given her the opportunity to feel on top” said a crew member on a set the actress worked on.