The embattled ‘life’ Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Prince Ifeanyi Dike was one of the top Nollywood personalities that arrived early for the NOPA event (He strolled in at 6.30pm for an event that started at 4 pm!!!). But the Prince who is a Prince in real life stepped out as soon as his presence was recognised by the master of ceremonies. Waka pass almost concluded that the Prince had heeled home, but when waka pass looked everywhere in the hall and didn’t see two of Prince Dike’s comrade in arms —Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi and Andy Chukwu, he put two and three together to conclude that the Prince was off to something grand outside the hall. And true to prediction, the Prince was having a princely party downstairs with his comrades in arm.

They formed a hot shoe around the bonnet of a car and placed a large bottle with a coloured content on it. We are still trying to get the name of what Prince and his men were sipping that evening. If we do, we will not fail to tell you. But hold on to this: we hear the substance in the bottle is called ‘Ogbunigwe’ and that you are ‘guaranteed to see double if you dare to take a full glass of it’. Do we still need to get the name again?