Promoters of Big Brother Nigeria has taken the show to South Africa to shoot as they give several reasons for their actions.

It is a big pity that Nigerian government is not doing anything to the interest of the country. Imagine Big Brother Nigerian being shot in South Africa instead of Nigeria.

Can you imagined the shame of taking what would have brought about employment to many youths and revenue to the country to SA  yet they will come back to sell the show to Nigerians , yet it still has the Nigerian name. It should better be changed to Big Brother South Africa . 

Imagine America doing Big Brother America and going to France or UK to host it. What are the ministries related to things like this doing? Nigeria has missed a good opportunity of giving employment to unemployed youths because during the cause of shooting  this show they would need several services which they can easily get by employing Nigerians.

The promoters of the show has blamed epileptic power supply, poor infrastructure in Nigeria as the reason for moving the show to S.A.

The government needs to rise to the occasion and do something about this. How many more do we have to lose before something is done? 

The government  officials, legislators should face the needful instead of looking for a way to embezzle public funds that can be invested into the development of infrastructure and improve electricity.

Meanwhile some patriotic Nigerians have vowed never to watch the show again.