A traditional doctor ,Ameen Oluwa ‘s marriage almost collapsed of not that help came early enough. He has accused the wife of selling around and selling her body to men.

The man who got  married to his beautician wife, approached the court seeking its dissolution, over wife’s alleged infidelity.

Oluwa, who resides at Ewu Oloye, in the Eruwen Area in Ikorodu, also alleged that his wife was maltreating him and was also disrespectful. He said, “My wife is a prostitute. I have caught her on several occasions, with different men. She does not take care of me and our children. She is also not amenable to correction.”

Thank goodness, the Court president, Mrs Omolara Abiola and other members successfully reconciled the couple after several counselling sessions and family interventions.

During reconciliation, Abiola ordered the woman to sign an undertaking to be a good wife and she also pledged to be of good character in her marriage.