Can a leopard change its spots? No, is the simple answer. A leopard cannot no matter how hard it tries. This is the case of an actor whose reputation with women scares husbands, boyfriends and parents alike. This tall, dark, and handsome actor who is now working for government loves the daughters of Eve a great deal. This dude who made his name playing roles that depict him as a playboy does it even better in real life.

He doesn’t have an area of specialisation when it comes to women. From the older, married ones to the working class big girls and the sexy kittens in schools, this guy can handle them all. Armed with his sexy drawl and his well-known face, ladies hardly can resist him. The latest gist however is that some students in the state university where this fellow is serving in government showed him pepper recently. According to gist hounds our dandy actor has been wooing a pretty babe in the school and her hard boyfriend got wind of her underground moves with the actor. Fuming with rage, the boy and his friends plotted against the actor.

On one of his visits to the babe’s hostel to pick her up for a night of “fun,” the girl’s boyfriend along with his friends waylaid the actor. They gave him a tongue-lashing of his life and accepted all they had to say because the boys were armed with dangerous weapons.

The boys also told him that he has been officially banned from visiting any of the students’ hostels from where he picks babes