A veteran actor, Rich Oganiru, has lost his months-long battle with an ailment.

His friend took to Facebook on Tuesday to announce his demise.

The friend wrote:

“Sunset At Noon, Tuesday 10th August 2021!

Ahem… I’ve lost a good friend like a brother for years, a great Nollywood actor par excellence. I’m just speechless. R.I.P Amb. Rich Oganiru. RIP Amb Rich Oganiru. Well, his sad demise reminds me of a song “Celebrate me while I am still alive”.

The veteran actor was two weeks ago shown in a viral video on a sickbed soliciting financial assistance.

, “Please, everyone should reach out before he dies,” a colleague wrote.

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In a career that spanned more than two decades, Oganiru appeared in more than 300 movies.

His works include, ‘My Destiny’, ‘Queen of Hasso Rock’, ‘Wasted Effort’, ‘Pay Day’, ‘Battle Of The Rich’, ‘Political Control’, ‘Touching Love’, ‘Total Control’ and ‘Last Confession’.

In 2012, the actor was accused of murdering his millionaire wife and arrested.

His late wife’s family accused the actor of poisoning her in a bid to acquire her wealth for himself.

However, the actor denied killing his wife, explaining on numerous occasions that the allegations against him were false.

Rich Oganiru  also served as an Evangelist with the Davidical Order Ministry.