Nigerian Nollywood actor Ramsey Noah has joined the rest of Nigerian who are not comfortable with the way President Buhari is handling the country and he fears where the country is heading towards.

With the current hardship and killings in the country, many Nigerian have been crying and the President seems bent on not paying attention rather working towards his 2019 ambition.

Ramsey Noah in a chat with a popular newspaper at the screening of his latest movie titled ‘Crazy People’ in Lagos, has addressed this attitude posed by Buhari, and this is what he has to say

“Most importantly, the government is making a huge mistake of not divulging enough information with the polity. They are so fixated in the old way of passing information oblivious of the fact that these days everything is open. The presidency should come out and deem it to talk about its daily, weekly and even monthly plans with the citizenry.

They need to thoroughly address issues that affect Nigerians. But they don’t do that and then they just assume that we know they would work on it (issues). It is only when there is so much public outcry and criticism that the president’s offices will come out once in a while and to say “we are working on it”. He said.

Ramsey Noah has not played down going into politics in the future though he says it is going to be tough for him.