Just few months after it was rumoured that star actor Ramsey Noah wasn’t paying due attention to his wife and family as a loving husband/father which he later denied, gossips have remembered him again. Well, he shouldn’t be surprised about this because by now as a celebrity he ought to have developed thick skin for gossip/scandal. After all, Chinyere Wilfred a Nollywood act once admited that scandal is their way of life as celebrities.

Well that’s by the way. Gossips are saying that Ramsey Noah is in a hot romance with a Dublin big babe, names withheld. ‘Abi you too don hear am.?’ Walls they say have ears. One thing about gossips is that they talk from both sides of the mouths. Let’s not arrive at any conclusion yet, until we hear from the horse’s mouth even though the prying eyes of journalists will not blink, not even for a second.