Remember Dr. Olabode Ojoniyi, a lecturer in the Department of Languages at the Osun State University, Osogbo,  the lecturer involved in that ungodly tape with a female student, Mercy Ikwue.

He has been sacked . The university’s Governing Council headed by Mallam Yusuf Ali SAN, sacked the lecturer, whom the tape showed nude on a bed  in a hotel room caressing the student.

He said, “The Council met last week and the report of the panel that investigated Ojoniyi’s amorous affair with the female student was deliberated upon. His appointment was terminated because that is the penalty stated in the Code of Conduct of Staff of Osun State University,” a source said.

Mercy (the student) who is believed to have come under intense pressure from Ojoniyi to have s*x with him captured the s*x act after she pretended to have succumbed to his relentless pressure. Unknown to the lecturer, she was recording on her laptop while pretending to be watching a movie, Things Fall Apart.

Part II articles 15 and 23  of the Code of Conduct for Staff and Students of UNIOSUN reads,

“An academic staff shall not conduct himself/ herself in relation to students in such a manner that derogates from his status as a lecturer, examiner and adviser. Specifically, sexual harassment of students by (members of) staff is totally forbidden. Any (member of) staff found guilty of sexual harassment shall be dismissed from the service of the university and may be handed over to relevant state authority for prosecution.

“An academic (member of) staff shall not demand from students any gratification whether in cash or in kind including sexual gratification in the discharge of his/her lawful duties. Breach of this code shall warrant appropriate sanction ranging from warning to termination of appointment depending on the gravity of the offence.”