After one of his ex’s slept with his chain of friends,this crooner has crawled back on bended knees to another of his ex,shes london based mixed parentage girlfriend sarah ofili.

Insiders whisper that the lovebirds who fell out a while (back due to the crooners tafficating eyes)are back together after”ikechukwu cried his eyes out begging sarah to take him back.

”Sarah Ofili,the beautiful model who has recaptured the crooners heart is rumoured to be in nigeria to close a business deal which has to do with the shoeline she is meandering into.

If you spot this crooner all smiles,just know…its sarah,if hes unreachable..its sarah.

Forget the hard face and curses this crooner doles out when his angry ,infact forget also that he has a black belt in karate,Ikechukwu is all soft inside and heres the reason..its Sarah!