Due to the busy schedule of many Nigerian artiste, some do not have time to do frequent health checks, forgetting the fact that health is wealth.

We have heard cases of artiste almost fainting on the stage due to fatigue and lack of rest, likely caused by sleepless nights of been  in the studio.

In a recent interview, popular singer, Rayce talked about the need for artiste to take their health seriously by taking enough time to rest and as well visit the hospital for medical checkups.

Abroad, when an artiste is called to perform for a certain event, among the facilities provided is health care, due to emergency that could occur and this is what we lack in the country.

Thus, the need to be 100 percent healthy before going on stage for a performance is quite relevant to avoid health related drama.

In his words: “ most times we don’t have the time, but life is more important, nothing is more important that your life, we should try once in a while to check up on our health and also rest when due.”