Bisola, who is a mother of a boy infatuated with Don Jazzy, made her to issued a warning to the music producer, saying that he must either marry her or remain single.

Some female fans can be really crazy! Don Jazzy got a batch of these crazy fellows and their numbers are not decreasing. Just recently, when we thought that all was quiet, a female fan appeared from the blues to give us a strong word.

She has made it clear that she has killed for Don Jazzy in Wuse Market, Abuja and she is not stopping until Don Jazzy gets married to her.

She said “Happy Sunday to y’all @donjazzy only love, I will not get married if he didn’t marry me, crushing on my African prince, I love u with all my heart @donjazzy if u didn’t marry me no girl will marry u in Jesus name (amen) ?

“Can’t u see we are compatible? @donjazzy my mcm, am the one he will marry ask @koredebello he is aware of this”. Because of Donjazzy, I killed one girl in Wuse Marke, please be warned, i can come and meet you in UK ooo. Bere don’t test me”

Big trouble for Don Jazzy who is yet to marry.