Chidinma Ekile is a Nigerian singer/songwriter who rose to prominence after winning the third season of MTN Project Fame West Africa, 2010. Overnight her story changed from obscurity to becoming the star she was destined to be. She has gone on to do even greater exploit in her music career by breaking records and releasing hits back to back.

So many referred to her as the female version of starboy, Wizkid because they started off almost the same period and they both grew immensely from a B-list artiste into an A-list artiste. Chidinma was not just a good singer she was also very likable due to her petite stature and contrasting matured voice.

After winning the MTN Project Fame West Africa she immediately kicked-off her musical career by releasing her debut single “Jankoliko” featuring Sound Sultan on February 2011 and she was able to capture the hearts of so many Nigerians who saw a bright future in the talented singer.

There have been several past winners of the music competition and most of them have not lived up to our expectation. So having a young female winning the competition gave a lot of doubts to many Nigerians that she can’t stand the test of time and weather the harsh storm brewing in the Nigerian music industry. She proved us wrong over and over again with the release of several hit songs which were topping different music charts on television and on radio.

Within a year or two Chidinma was been able to clear our doubts that she’s not a fluke or a one hit wonder. She became one of Nigeria’s biggest female musicians, contending with other big wigs like Tiwa Savage, Waje, Yemi Alade and Omawunmi. She actually beat them to win the award for “Best Female West African Act” at 2012 Kora Awards.

She also won “Best Pop Extra Video” at 2013 Nigerian Music Video Awards with other multiple nominations. With the release of her video for “Emini Baller” she became the first female musician to peak at number 1 on the MTV Base Official Naija Top 10 chart.

Fast Forward To The Present..

With all this accomplishment and talent the singer has decided to take a self-imposed hiatus on her career after parting ways with her long time record label, Capital Hills Records, managed by Clarence Peters and iLLBliss.

She left due to irreconcilable differences concerning sharing formula of music shows/concert, endorsement and other source of revenue generation regarding her music. This has really affected her career drastically and has made her idle for a while now. Her fans are beginning to ask questions and if care is not taken she might slip into oblivion and forgotten in time.

The life span of an artiste career is sporadic and can be rosy today and tomorrow can change overnight. Her coming back into the scene would leave her fighting for her spot she once held with the advent of other talented female musicians springing up by the day, it’s really going to be very difficult only if she is Tiwa Savage who took a self-imposed hiatus due to her pregnancy and still bounced back to retake her position as Nigeria’s biggest female artiste.

For Chidinma she has Simi to contend with. Simi, if you ask me would say have taken her spot and she’s doing very well at the moment. They have a lot of things in common and Chidinma would need more than her singing skills to knock her off.

Chidinma, if you ever get to read this article, you need to know that your fans are still waiting to hear from you. You captivated their hearts and soul with your songs and voice, now you’ve abandoned them leaving them with so many unanswered questions. You are still very much loved by millions of Nigerians and it would be our pleasure to welcome you back with open arms. So wherever you are or whatever is holding you down, just remember that we are still waiting patiently for your return. Bring back our Chidinma!!!!!!!!

NB: Chidinma a.k.a Miss Kedike unveils a new single titled “Fall In Love” this may just be coming as a result of the volume of questions from her fans asking where she has been, has she yet to drop something new in a very long while…