Nollywood actor and model, IK Ogbonna has rubbished the rumours flying around that he will soon relocate to Serbia, the hometown of his wife, Sonia Morales.

 It is no longer a secret that he truly loves her which is the reason he has refused to run after for side chicks or ladies because he  have got a beauty queen for a wife.

He boasted “I can never cheat on my wife. I have very little free time every day to myself. I recently shot two movies, Knock Knock and Excess Luggage, so I have been very busy with work. I don’t see any reason why I should dedicate that time to another woman aside from my wife. Keeping another woman is financially and time demanding. It is totally not worth it. I am of the opinion that as a man, your wife should reflect your personality. Some celebrities buy jeeps for their girlfriends while their wives drive rickety cars all around town. In fact, a real man should drive a small car wife while his wife drives an SUV.”

He also denied that he deliberately set out to marry a non-Nigerian. “I prayed to God to send me my life partner and he answered my prayers by sending Sonia my way. I don’t love her because of her race; she is just like every other woman. Some guys have fun outside of their home without their wives. I see no reason why a man will marry one woman and keep her at home. If this describes you, then you probably used or scammed your wife into marrying you. My wife treasure is my queen and gold and she needs to be treated as one.”