Delectable actress and filmmaker, Toyin Abraham has lamented over ho fake love is being displayed in this generation.

Abraham made this known in a recent episode of her YouTube Channel.

In her words: “People think posting someone on social media is real love. I visited someone who gave birth recently and the individual said the people greeting her on social media are even yet to call her on phone.

A lot of people will tell you they love you, but not genuinely. Young people are now making fake love the new real love. You don’t have to post about someone on social media before the person would know you love them. If I love you genuinely, we may not talk everyday, but I will always talk to you at least twice in a week.”

Speaking further, the ‘Alakada’ actress emphasized on ho fake love is destroying this generation.

“Fake love has eaten us up to the point that once someone doesn’t post your pictures on social media, you think the person doesn’t love you. Real love is when someone call to check up on you. Real love is known when you are have a function and the person comes to support you. For example if a blog picks up a news item about a celebrity, rather than confirming first before sharing on social media, some of our colleagues go to social media without confirming about the veracity of the news.

I don’t think anything has ever happened to anyone an someone will say I have never called them or been there for them especially in the Yoruba arm of Nollywood”.