For the love of one’s mother, everyone would want to show off the affection for the world’s best mum, however, when one goes the length of kissing one’s mum on the lips, what gives?

The wife of Nigerian ex-international, Joseph Yobo, Adaeze Yobo, was spotted kissing her mother, Abigail Onyekwelu on the lips in a possible show of affection and the picture has started off a tirade of controversy.

Grandmother, Abigail is currently helping her daughter, Adaeze, who just put to bed her second baby some days ago.

Reactions have begun to emerge has both mothers have been questioned on the issues bothering on the reasons for the kiss. Abigail, who is currently in a messy divorce saga with her estranged husband, ex-footballer, John Fashanu, is the most hit.

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Abigail was asked if she was using her daughter for a consolation as a fall-back from her messy court battle with her husband.

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