Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has last night predicted that an end may come to the country Nigeria, if the current wave of killings is not urgently curbed.

The popular pastor also said that, “unless the killings stopped there may not be elections in 2019 in Nigeria.”

Speaking during a prayer session at the May 2018 Holy Ghost service held at the Redemption Camp, he described how he felt in far away Germany when he heard that herdsmen stormed St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Ukpor-Mbalom Parish, Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State, and killed two Catholic priests and 17 parishioners. He said that he was unusually quiet and his wife of over 50 years wondered why he was quiet.

Adeboye said, “I said there is no father who would lose 19 children in a day that will not be quiet. She said what do you mean, because she hadn’t heard the news that in a church, somebody went in and shot 19 people.”

“It doesn’t matter the denomination. By the special grace of God, all Christians in Nigeria call me daddy. So when any of them dies, it’s my son or daughter that is dead.”

“I am going to ask you to join me in prayer, because unless these killings stop, and stop immediately, even Nigeria may not live.”

“I am not talking about individuals now, I am talking about Nigeria itself…. A bishop asked me not too long ago, ‘Daddy, has God told you who win the next election?’”

“I said, Sir, I am not even sure yet there will be an election. Because unless these killings stop there may be no elections next year. ‘Are you prophesying , Daddy?’ No, no! I am not prophesying. I am just reasoning. Because nobody will want to go out to vote if they are not sure they will be able to return home safely.”

Describing what war can lead to, Adeboye said, “it’s a terrible thing. A nation may survive a civil war, but no nation can survive a religious war a remain the same. That Nigeria may live, these killings must stop.”

“So all of you who love Nigeria, I want to rise on your feet, and cry to God with all your heart, and say: Father, let the killings stop, that Nigeria may live, please God let the killings stop.”