Nigerian actor Yomi Fabiyi has taken to his social media space to disclose the biggest way he thinks one can have a bad name after paying respect to his late boss, Baba Suwe.

The controversial actor said helping an ingrate is the biggest way to get a bad name in his Instagram post on Tuesday evening, January 11, 2022.
Fabiyi stated that ingrates blackmail, play dirty cards and deny everything done for them. He added that their entitlement and audacity are the worst things they do.

Buttressing his point, he wrote; “If God design you to help and lift 10 people in your lifetime and Satan hijacks, manipulate or re-directs 8 ingrates your path, it is the biggest tragedy, confirm multiple jeopardy. If you are not careful, what is suppose to be your legacy will be what may destroy you.”

The actor advised that before helping, one should pray very well. “When trying to help, be explicit and pray well about it hence you don’t look like the person with the problem. Many users turn up as weak and needy. Afobaje l’ota oba. Sho ore se.”

“Do your best and leave the rest as quickly as possible. Social Media aides INGRATES more if the ingrate can play the social media tactics more. Be wise and careful.”

Fabiyi shared these hours after he visited the grave of the late legendary actor Babatunde Omidina, popularly known as Baba Suwe.

He shared; “Upon return to Nigeria, I made it a point of call to PAY VISIT and OFFER PRAYERS as part of my last respect at the gravesite of the boss and pathfinder Late Kìng Babatunde Ayinla Nurudeen Omidina a.k.a Baba Suwe who passed away recently.”

“May your soul continue to rest in peace Pressy. An ERA is gone. You will never be forgotten. I will sincerely and personally miss you sir. Odigba kan naa. RIP”