Before the release of Reekado’s Bank Album, he had bragged enough about it.

He even went to the extent of saying it would be the best anyone has heard since the last decade and the next decade in an interview with Hip TV.

This has gingered many who were anticipating the release to have a bigger picture of the album.

Well, it’s certain that in life you can’t please everyone, and it’s just like the popular saying ‘one man’s food is another’s poison’.

Not everyone would appreciate you work, no matter how good you are or think you are, there is still will a hater someone.

This has made an angry fan who probably anticipated and got disappointed after its release.

The fan attacked him via social media platform and told the singer, that his album was Wack.

Reekado who probably didn’t like such criticism also gave the fan a piece of his mind.

See convo below: 

Fan: “please I hope you didn’t do album listening party. It’s a total waste of time. This is one of my top wack albums this year.”

Reekado: “see your nose like the W that starts Wack. Lol.”

What do you think about his album?