Before going into a relationship as an individual, we fantasies about the type of person we want.

Good height, beauty, curves, six packs, etc. Most people base their criteria’s on the physical attributes alone.

But physical beauty or cuteness doesn’t seem enough this days, having a partner that is God fearing and nice is also key.

It has being discovered that relationships based on materials things , which  many do just to be comfortable, do not last long.

This is why Nigerian rapper, Lynxx who is known for his spiritual articles decided to dish out another relationship advice.

He said: “Its Sooooo easy to pass up on a good thing filled with opportunity, substance, value and true essence while chasing something that glitters and isn’t Gold. We exist in a world where the distractions are on a? And its soooo easy to get carried away in the Hype, following the crowd and fitting into what “Society” predicts is cool, that we put OUR own standards away and roll with what the world has deemed acceptable. The usual answer to Questions like.. “What do you look for in a girl or a guy” goes something like … “She must be cute / fine, have a nice body, know how to cook, has a good job etc…”

The ladies.. “He must be successful, financially stable, good looking, have a built body, 6packs, live in lekki, and drive a range??? etc” …

All well and good but sadly, your focus is on the WRONG things! Worldly things that are not the true ingredients to a long lasting relationship. (?? Guilty… My previous interviews over the years are proof)

I have learned in faith that finding Mr / Ms Right begins with someone who already knows who THEY are in Christ! Someone who has the Love and Fear of God wld lead u closer to him therefore closer to “You” and ur destiny. They say you can’t give what you don’t have, if all i have to offer is range and 6 packs, that’s what i am bringing to the relationship table… Therefore i can be a monster on the inside and treat u anyhow. But a Man or Woman with a good Spiritual Foundation is limited to the world by the fear and Love of God and the Word…

Build your relationships on the concrete foundation of a spiritual relationship with God, pray together, pray for each other and then slay together! REMEMBER: it’s never too late to dedicate ur current relationship to God for a fresh start! You deserve something that has a future otherwise.. Ur in class for yet another lesson. LOOK BEYOND THE OUTSIDE! What is INSIDE is what counts.“