Veteran actor, Alex Usifo, is not the type that can be easily tempted by the beauty of ‘slay’ queens and ‘mamas.’

In an encounter with OnlineTV, the actor said that he had never fallen for the temptation of younger ladies who want to be intimate with him.

He stated, “It is not even an issue for me. I think it is when you see it as a priority and I don’t create time for certain things.

When I see them, I see them. I don’t have time to see any lady in secrecy because that is the beginning of the problem.

If you trust God and you allow His words to guide you, you will do the right thing. If you are a man with high morals, you should know the difference between what is right and wrong.”

Blessed with four children, Usifo has been married for 25 years now. According to him, in marriage, if one expects God to play your responsibilities as a man, it will end in a disaster.

He explained, “God has been wonderful to me and I have been playing my roles as well. The truth is that the grace of God will not do certain things for you.

There are roles you still have to play as the husband or wife. If you leave your role for God to play, you will fail and if you also want to play God’s role, you will fail.

“Whenever there is an argument and I need to apologise, I do that. If there is pride in a relationship, it will not last.

My wife apologises when she does wrong and I do too. I don’t say because I am a man, I cannot be wrong sometimes.”