Celebrities love it when they have good fan base and it pleases them when their fan base begins to grow but have they really considered the fact that some followers may not be following them because they like them but because they want to spite them.

A typical example was a dramatic scene that played out yesterday when an anonymous follower engaged Adeniyi Johnson, the ex-husband of Toyin Aimakhu in a war of words.

The follower unleashed venom on Niyi who finally reacted and said that he knows who could possibly be behind the whole unwanted scenario.

Luckily for him, an actress identified as Shai intervened in the situation as she claimed that Toyin Aimakhu was behind the whole prank.

The Instagram follower who is presumed to be Toyin accused Niyi of always visiting herbalist and an Alfa for spiritual rituals.

Followers of Niyi did not keep mute.  They gave it back to the alleged Toyin and called her all sorts of name, like being a lesbian. But Adeniyi pleaded with the fans to refrain from abusing the “Frustrated”

This is not the first time such kind of thing is happening to a celebrity but the good thing is that gone are the days where these celebs will keep quiet and allow themselves to be bullied on the social media. 

These days a lot of them have been giving it back to any unruly fan who does not respect limits and boundaries.