We all know him as the hilarious Frank Donga, the youtube comedy star, perpetually seeking for a Job in his pink shirt and bathroom sleepers.

But the man Kunle Idowu, a.k.a, Frank Dunga was not always a comedian, given the fact that he spent the early years of his life working as a television producer and reporter even as he ran and managed an independent production outfit, it was at this point that he became a staff of Television Continental (TVC)-A Nigerian News and Entertainment television channel.

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The story has it that the comedian was given a visa to South Africa for a month , but when the comedian got to the land of Nelson Mandela he vanished for a long time without allowing his employers back home know of his were about. And when he surfaced, he was quarried and suspended but he never returned.

Speaking on the issues Dunga explained, “I was first a practicing journalist and TVC was my last place of employment, but I am never satisfied with a 9-5 job and till today I can never do it again. In fact, even when I was at TVC I was freelancing in a lot of media houses.

So when the visa to South Africa came; I saw opportunities and I could not afford to let them go, and I do not regret the decisions I made on that trip. I came back; things got messy, I was quarried and suspended so I decided to move on. It had nothing to do with irresponsibility rather with everything moving ahead and growth.” He submitted.

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On the birth and inspiration of The Interview comedy series with Frank Dunga, he explained , I am constantly creating things and I have always made impressions of people, I may not talk much; but I am very sarcastic. So, the above mentioned and my passion for youth employment couple with experiences at job and visa interviews inspired me to start putting out the comedy skits.

I have been to job interviews and was rejected and gotten some. I have been denied and granted visas. But when you see some big men at visa application office they begin to fumble and some young graduates have what it takes to deliver on the job but they fumble at the point of the interview. So these are just some of the things that guide my content in the series. “The humor merchant concluded