Williams Uchemba in an Instagram post revealed that a few years ago, he was dealing with ‘generational foundational curses’ where the men in his family don’t amount to anything.

According to the Nollywood actor cum Instagram comedian, men in his family before now had children out of wedlock and with different ladies, couldn’t travel outside the country, were ravaged by alcohol and drugs, found it difficult to feed nor fend for others and couldn’t succeed no matter how hard they try.

Williams Uchemba who thanked God for the turnaround of events, disclosed that God first handed him over to his pastor in school Pastor Emeka Nwokike and later to the man he refers to as his father and mentor Rev David Ogbueli.
He wrote;

The first picture I was a Christian, going to church and doing everything I thought was right but I didn’t realize that there is a difference between going to church and having a relationship with God..So even as a Christian I was still dealing with some generational foundational curses where the men in the family don’t amount to anything, where the men don’t graduate from school( except sometimes secondary school) where the men all have children out of wedlock and with different ladies, where the men can’t travel outside the country, where alcohol, and drugs have ravaged the men, where it’s difficult to feed nor fend for others, where no matter how hard you try and what you do you can’t succeed.

This is the foundation I came from but when I was picked up by God he handed me over first to my then pastor in school Pastor Emeka Nwokike and later to the man I refer to as my father and mentor Rev David Ogbueli The Senior pastor and founder of Dominion City Church and he went straight to deal first with the foundation, because if the foundation is wrong no matter how beautiful the structure is it will collapse…I hear people say Na money make you be like this but how can money come if you are still dealing with a spiritual limitation over your life, how can you have good success (because there is bad success, were you have the money and don’t have peace) if it’s not the hand and grace of God that give it to you( Due 8:18 because it is God that gives you the power to make real wealth).

Right now I don’t work and struggle as much as I used to but gets a 100 times result. Don’t get me wrong I am a workaholic but I have been all my life the only difference is then nothing comes out from it and now Grace was added to it.

Ladies and Gentlemen I stand boldly to declare to you that I am a complete product of Grace, there is nothing I am, I have or I will be that he didn’t give. I AM NOTHING WITHOUT HIM