Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, has revealed that she sold her Range Rover in 2021 to enable her complete her house.

Actress Nkechi Blessing has shared the best decision she ever made as she reveals that buying a car is not an achievement but rather a necessity since it’s just a means of transportation.

Nkechi Blessing built a house for her mother as a birthday gift but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to see it as death snatched her from them and she has regard such as the best decision ever made as she’s now a landlord with her own house.

According to her, the best decision she made in 2021 was selling her Range Rover to complete her house and now though she’s trekking, she has set her priorities right because owning a car is not an achievement but a necessity and a means of transport.

She then advised individuals to set their priorities right as this is just her opinion and everyone can do whatever works for them even though it will be wise to make the best decision as Nkechi Blessing if you were in a situation like hers.

Nkechi Blessing selling her car to complete the building was the best decision as it’s always wise to invest in assets and not items or goods. Some people waste money on a lot of things that they could have used for something valuable.

The best decision I made in 2021 was selling my Range Rover to complete this beauty behind me? Tnk God for the space bus I bought for my mum? Shey landlady for Dey trek by now??‍♀️ it’s 2022 Try set your priorities right? A car is never an achievement but a necessity, a means of transporting you from one place to another