Nollywood actor and Businessman man, Jim Iyke held a press conference in respect to the launch of the new office space of his new app; the OGA WORK app. The conference started off with the opening prayer and also a tour of the office space.

Afterwards, Jim Iyke went deep into the inspiration behind the OGA WORK app. He explained that the app came as a result of the need to be of service to the society. He added that the purpose of the app is to bring people from diverse background together irrespective of Religion, class or status.

He also explained that the motivation behind the app is to stand as the middleman between artisans; (whether graduate or not as far as the individual is skilled in his area of expertise) and service users. The app is especially designed for artisans who have passion for their craft but do not have a space or a store and needs one to take their service to end users. The OGA WORK app will however represent both service providers and users and help push businesses to the front line.

According to Jim, the innovative idea of the OGA WORK app is to solve the issue of unemployment in Nigeria. He added that no matter what the skill involved as far as it is legal, their job as the intermediary is to find an end user. The idea just doesn’t stop there, as intermediaries, they would also advertise businesses to the fore front of the end users.

Also speaking on security, he added that they have partnered with the commissioner of police to vet all the service providers, so whoever is coming to work in anyone’s space; whether house, office or hotel is properly vetted and there’s also measures in place to deal with defaulters.

Concluding the press conference, Jim Iyke revealed that he has tried on about four businesses which has failed so he believes in the vision of the app and in five years time he would have provided employment for as many as possible.