While some actresses find it easy to kiss in movies, Opeyemi Adetunji has averred that she hardly does that.

In a new interview, the busty role interpreter said, “I hardly kiss in movies. As a matter of fact, in about six years of making movies, I did not engage in kissing. The first movie I kissed in was titled, Every Woman, and it was because the director asked for it. I can go as far as the director wants or as the role requires. However, I don’t kiss because most times, the roles don’t require kissing or the directors don’t ask for it.”

Asked if she had ever been a victim of sexual harassment in Nollywood, she said, “Sexual harassment is everywhere and it is common in social settings. I simply set standards for myself. I use the word, “no” and move on. I also don’t look for unnecessary favours. I believe slow and steady wins the race.”

Recounting the challenges she encountered when she started out as an actress, Adetunji stated that it was difficult to make people believe in her craft. She added, “When I started out and saw how things were done, I asked myself, ‘What’s next’? It was difficult to make people believe in my craft. Nobody was ready to cast an up-and-coming actress. Everybody wanted a star in their project. Another challenge was with some of my colleagues. While working with them, a lot of gossips spring up, especially among the female gender. But, I believe in myself and in the saying that the greater the obstacles, the more glory one gets from overcoming it.”

On what part of her body gets her the most attention, she said, “my boobs get me the most attention. I used to think it was my face, but i get compliments (for my boobs) even from females.”