She is a major Nollywood actress and is loved and adored for the skills she brings to her acting and has acted in over two dozen movies. She is pretty and classy and is well respected today in the industry. Her public image since she hit it big in Nollywood has largely been squeaky clean as most of the shenanigans associated with others have no place in her life. But long before she became a celebrity, her private world was in shambles. She was according to a close source “a hustler who had to do whatever it took to survive” and survive she did.

According to our investigations, the middle belt born actress as a student in one of the colleges in the northern part of Nigeria “was the lady of choice for the rich and the powerful in that part of Nigeria. She was in such high demand that she could barely spend a night in her hostel. Every night, an exotic car would come and fetch her and the rewards were plentiful. She had all the designer clothes and was travelling regularly to important tourist destinations. Even though she ‘worked’ hard for her money, she was none the less generous. She would buy us food and those

who could not afford certain things, she would give them money. She was not ashamed to use her ‘gift’ to take care of her needs.” A close friend had told us.

It was during one of her night outs, according to a source that she met a Nollywood producer who was taken in by her beauty and intellect, and decided to cast her in one of his movies – thus launching her into the world of stardom she currently enjoys. “I still remember that night when she came back and was giddy with excitement” a source has revealed. “She was screaming…guys, I am going to become a big star. I just met a top

Nollywood director who has promised to cast me in his next movie…Oh God I am so happy.” And true to the director’s promise, she has become a huge star today and we are so proud of her.

In spite of her past shenanigans, the actress today has conducted herself in such a dignified manner, and has largely stayed out of scandals. A friend defended her past actions. “She needed to take care of things and what she did was legitimate. She used what she got to have what she desired. Imagine if she did not do so, would the world have come to appreciate her acting skills that we today have been privileged to see? She may have been one of the statistics of young and talented women who wasted their talents because no one looked their way. Even though I do not rationalize fully the tendency for young women to ‘hustle’ sometimes, it is difficult for them to help themselves. She is today, the very definition of a mature, solid and wellloved actress – her past has nothing to do with what she is today and I am so proud of her.