Top Nollywood actor and comedian Gregory Ojefua has confirmed reports that women do make more money than men in the Nigerian movie industry.

In a recent chat with Joy Marcus, the actor who just ended a relationship said women in movie industry are richer than men because of their unique qualities.

Here is his interesting response to Marcus question.

Interviewer: Some people say actresses are richer than actors. Is this true?


I wouldn’t say yes or no because our pay is not dependent on our gender but on how marketable the actor is. If you go on social media, you will find that women are more expressive than men. So, even if the men have anything, they will not likely share them because of reasons best known to them.

Also, women naturally tend to get support from people. I believe every responsible man created by God will know how to show concern for a woman because they were created to be able to get some kind of favours and support from men without doing anything.

For me, I could be going for lunch and see my female colleague sitting down; I will ask her why is she not going for lunch and if she doesn’t have money, I will volunteer to pay for her meal. Women are also very industrious and most times, they are made brand ambassadors.

My Current Relationship Status

“I am single and I feel cold in the night but I am not searching because I just got out of a relationship. At the moment, I am taking my time. I would say I am single and breathing for now. I want to rest for a while before going into any relationship.”