BB Naija 2017 finalist TBoss is bearing it all in a short question and answer session about herself and reveals how she faced her fears by entering the BB Naija house.

TBoss shot a video of herself answering basic questions that people don’t know or misunderstand about her.

In a post on her Instagram page, the BBNaija finalist reveals details about herself that people don’t know.

she said, “Everybody misunderstands TBoss, and this was an opportunity to clear the air and face my fears. I was going to say I had no fears at first. Yes, I get irritated by things, but I didn’t really think I had any fears.

Yet as I sat on a stool in a studio looking right at the camera, I realized that I had a couple of real fears. Most people won’t believe it, but I am human and I have fears.

There was a point in my life when I sought validation to live. I always seemed to need someone’s approval and I didn’t get it.

That was fear – fear of not getting validation. Then I got into the #BBNaijahouse and I had to live and tolerate different people from all works of life. I was scared of how people would feel about me when I left the house. Will they love me? Will they hate me? But when I came out, I saw that the love was unbelievable. I uncaged my fear! How did I #UNCAGE my fear? I entered the #BBNaija house and came out a stronger person!

Boss Nation, what is your fear? What is caging you from being you? What is it that you fear the most?

Post a video and tag me using #UNCAGE. I want to see you all #UNCAGE yourselves today.

I am TokunboR Idowu and this is

my #UNCAGE story”